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Spotlight: Elizabeth Jenson, Doctor of Physical Therapy

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We are excited to welcome Dr. Elizabeth Jenson, the new Director of Rehab Services, to the Alomere Health family.

Seeking a World-Class Education

Having grown up in Edina, Minnesota, Dr. Jenson started her education at Gustavus Adolphus College and completed her graduate degree at the University of the Pacific, California. Her education included Neuro-Pediatric work at Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN), serving veterans at the Navy Medical Center (Balboa, CA), and flying to Vietnam on a medical mission trip to provide free care and education.

She has a soft heart for veteran care, “As a second generation Vietnamese-American, I was born here, but my parents came over during the Vietnam War. I wouldn’t be here without there service.”

Starting her career at Allina Health, Elizabeth spent 8 years working in their Neuro-Ortho department. She helped develop their Concussion, Falls Prevention, Mental Health Fitness, Parkinson’s, and Stroke Fitness programs. While at Casa Colina Hospital in Southern California, she led the Concussion program which served a wide range of patients, from professional athletes to the elderly. Her passion is developing programs to best serve the community, and has lectured nationally about Post-Concussion Syndrome.

Coming Back Home

Now married with two, identical twin girls, Elizabeth and her husband wanted to put down roots closer to where they grew up. But finding an organization that would support her ambitious career and life goals was be a challenge. Her search included all of Minnesota and the major health systems. Her favorite? Alomere Health.

I’m in love with this community. People here are humble, really smart, and innovative. Yet they slow down enough to really get to know you. The difference compared with LA, New York, or even Minneapolis, is palpable.

Dr. Elizabeth Jenson, DPT, Director of Rehab Services
Alomere Health

A Vision for Better Wellness

When asked what goals she has for the Rehab Department, Dr. Jenson is quick to respond, “I want to be someone who opens doors for our community and team. We will expand structured programs in Concussion, Oncology, Parkinson’s, Pediatrics, Pelvic Health, Stroke, and Trauma. Our community doesn’t even know we can do all of this! And all of this specialized care is right here, because driving hours for care is really a disservice to our patients.”

She continues to point out that Physical Therapy really leads to emotional wellness, “The reason we therapists love our job is that fundamentally, we help people get their lives back.
It’s demoralizing to have someone care for you because you no longer can. I have so many epic stories of people battling and winning. For instance, we helped an amputee Marine walk over difficult terrain and step into a fishing boat—his favorite hobby —all by himself. If you help a child hear, speak, or run again, or a grandparent recover from a stroke… it’s inspiring!”


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